Escrito por en marzo 19, 2011 a eso de las 1:14 am.

While the silence has been broken,
I can still smell your nicotine in my skin.
The sin you represent,
Has been cured and forgiven.

You and I.
Once again is a posibility,
Not only in my mind.
But in the cold hearted alley, we call reality.

Once more, your eyes stare at mines.
Your attention is mine.
Forgiving me.
Asking me to draw your face again.

Every 5 minutes,
it’s 2 minutes too late.
4 minutes more than necessary.
300 seconds of me failing to myself.

I still think of my mistakes.
I still believe in your heart.
I still wait for your sign.
I still want to create with you.

Your hands holding mine,
and the time standing still.
Brown eyes against brown eyes.
Lies on top of the truth, while we lay on top of nothing.

In this place, is just you and me.
A thousand souls have disappear.
Four summers ago you left me.
Four summers ago I started waiting for you.

Let this summer night breeze,
be the beginning in you.
A little ending in me.
The past, the present, the future.

For all I know, we are still in that moment. Four summers ago.

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