Escrito por en septiembre 14, 2009 a eso de las 6:34 pm.

I trace each line carefully,
Remembering that night in my room.
Yellow lights, your face, and that evil look of yours.
Embracing the idea of us together.

(Good bye)

Inches away from the catastrophe,
Of one last kiss.
I’ve stop drawing…
This memory became a dream,
And the dream has become a big white blur.

I couldn’t wake up from this pleasure.
I couldn’t take myself out of this journey.
Why it always comes down to this with you.
Why can’t I just look at you as an absolute?

Feeling is the corner stone of this tragedy,
The one of not being able to understand,
This painful experience ignorance is.
I crave knowledge, the one I need to understand you.

Decisions were made.
Our paths have been separated, by miles, spaces between, because of you.
All we have now is memories.
All we are is dreams.

The only thing we have between each other,
Is time trapped inside our minds.
Memories, doomed to die,
It’s in our nature to forget.

Your face and your taste will be long gone.
Your words, the ones that where so strong in the past,
Will become death handwritten letters, powerless and old.
Looking at the present take place, and destroy the future they once pretended.

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re complete now.
It makes no difference if I’m ready now.
If it’s day or night, summer or winter.
The end of all the new things has become, our reality.

All I have is the image of our happiness.
The color you used in me to describe a feeling.
All I have is the memory of you.
The portrait.

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