Escrito por en marzo 13, 2012 a eso de las 2:43 pm.

Not in a graceful way.
No matter how hard I try,
effort will always come short.
My best, isn’t enough.

Fail comes to me in a smile.
In her laughter.
She laughs at me.
She laughs out loud.

Pain comes with failure.
But failure never comes with pain.
Get rid of me…
Forget about me.

Forget the good things.
Remember the worst and good night.
My solution is love.

Your solution is end.
Ignorance is the lethal weapon,
death shall point at us…

Take off your face.
I’ll rip my skin off.
Let’s join our skulls and be.

Don’t take me thru that road.
The one disguised of solution,
bright and green.
Deadly and obscene.

Separation is not my option.
Separation is your key.
Separation will destroy all we’ve build.
It will destroy you and me.

Separation is by all meanings my biggest failure.
Overjoyed by this gag order, every single time I try it.
My effort gets tired of being yield at for trying too hard.
Holds on to you and promises he wont let go.

Still in love,
Dies from your bad intentions,
Hidden in every fake kiss.

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